6 Man Flag Football

Running and effective 6 man flag football defense can present a serious challenge. There are just enough players on the field to allow the offense to run complicated plays and spread the defense out and few books of 6 on 6 flag football plays contain much in the way of defense. This means there’s lots of opportunities for big yardage gains through air and on the ground. Having an inefficient or disorganized defense means these big yardage gains turn into points on the board and loss after loss.

Dr. G and Flag Football Strategies have the perfect remedy for your defensive blues with their instantly downloadable book of plays specifically for 6 man flag football. This playbook contains of 500 field tested 6 man plays that are proven to put points on the board and shut down opposing offenses. You’ll find a wealth of defensive strategies and plays run from multiple formations to defend against both the pass and run game. There are even plays designed especially for short yardage, goal line and time control situations.

All of Dr. G’s 6 man flag football plays are laid out in easy to follow color coordinated diagrams that improve team efficiency and reduce huddle times. Players have their own individual color and simply glance at their color on the play diagram. This instantly shows them their coverage areas and responsibilities for the coming play.

If you’d rather build your own custom book of 6 man flag football plays check out the revolutionary football play designer. Using easy simple drag and drop mechanics you can quickly and easily build an entire arsenal of plays designed especially for your team. This allows your team’s football plays to leverage your teams strengths and the skills of your key players.

Don’t spend another season with your heads hung in defeat. Download Dr. G’s 6 man flag football play book now and get your team on path to victory and league domination!