6 Man Flag Football Plays

6 man flag football plays rely of speed, finesse and skill to be effective.  The absence of tackling and huge hits means brute force alone won’t get the job done.  Your team has to outsmart, out hustle and outperform the opponent from goal line to goal line.  Having an arsenal of effective and easy to execute offensive plays is one of the single best ways to your team the upper hand, and you’ve come to the ultimate resource for those plays.

Our instantly downloadable playbook contains over 500 6 man flag football plays that are gridiron tested and win games.  This pool of plays is comprised of lethal run, pass, and even trick plays that are proven to put points on the board.  Your team will devastate the opposition with perfectly executed options, play action passes and perfectly timed draws, all diagrammed in an easy to follow system.

Plays are set up with each player on the field being represented by a unique colored dot.  Players simply glance at their color on the diagram and they instantly know their routes, blocks and responsibilities for the coming down.  For a serious competitive advantage we offer the Wristband Interactive, which takes efficiency to a new level.

Each player wears a uniquely colored wristband that corresponds to their color on the play diagrams.  The wristbands contain an insert of your teams top performing plays.  This completely does away with the need for a huddle, meaning you can leverage every second of on field time.

If you’re ready to dominate the opposition, there’s no better way than with Dr. G’s collection of 6 man flag football plays.  For truly unparalleled offensive control try our football play designer.   Build your own plays with drag and drop technology and construct your own championship playbook!